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JSS4 Offline

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29.04.2016 14:31
#16 RE: Meine erste Konvertierung - Bmw 5er Touring Zitat · antworten

Thanks Nico :)

New video, showing the traction issues are still there but it drives. I also fixed the ride height by dropping it by 0.25 mm

derniwi Offline

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29.04.2016 22:05
#17 RE: Meine erste Konvertierung - Bmw 5er Touring Zitat · antworten

Hi James,

it seems the front wheels rub sometimes on the car wings, both left and right.
Also the table seems to be very... is slippery the right word?... can you do a test drive on something with more grip?

This and the missing differential can cause this problem. If have the same with my Unimog. More weight on the front wheels helps for a better handling. For testing just put some weight on the hood.


Selbstfeiermeister Offline

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29.04.2016 22:18
#18 RE: Meine erste Konvertierung - Bmw 5er Touring Zitat · antworten

Do the rear rims slip in the tires?


JSS4 Offline

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29.04.2016 23:06
#19 RE: Meine erste Konvertierung - Bmw 5er Touring Zitat · antworten

Thanks guys :)

Nils, the table is somewhat slippery and it is not the best place for a video but it is what I had available. After mext weekend I will see if I can drive it on some of the roads at my eork, the inactive ones still have rubber paint on them which slowed car system vehicles through friction with the magnet. Since them all finctio al toads have been repainted with faller paint and it makes a huge difference. As for a differential, I wish I had one but there is no space :( if I limit the steering angle it drives just fine but tight turns stop it. I have checked the wheels and it appears the fenders (wings) do not affect them. I also have 3 pieces of lead shot undrr the hood for ballast, any more and the drive wheels will lose more grip.

Sebastian, the tires are not slipping on the rims, and I have glued with CA the wheel that was slipping on the axle. Sadly the faller audi a6 tires are just too small or I would be able to use them. I will look into using heat shrink tibe for better traction

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