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gunslinger Offline

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07.01.2017 00:07
Light Driver programming with Arduino Zitat · antworten

Hello everybody,

It's my first topics about mikromodelling and I would like to programming light driver with Attiny15 or Attiny85.
(5 or 4 leds)

My question is am I program with push button code for led or without.

Do you know any program code or recommend?

Thank you

hendrik.s Offline

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26.02.2017 12:33
#2 RE: Light Driver programming with Arduino Zitat · antworten

Hi Kaan,

if you like to control the Attiny with a receiver, you don't need the function "push button" from the arduino library. The function "push button" from the arduino library only shows you, if a connected button is pushed or not. So the function returns a one (while button is pushed) or a zero (while button is not pushed). For controlling the microcontroller with a radio controlled receiver, it is necessary to encode the pulse-width-signal (PWM), which is generated from the receiver.
Try to measure the pulse by using a timer. Start measuring at the rising edge and stop the timer or read back the timer value at the falling edge.





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