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  • 3D print Smit Japan 1/87Datum21.11.2017 21:02
    Foren-Beitrag von Samelino im Thema

    The new parts will be ordered soon |addpics|gjq-4-deaa.jpg-invaddpicsinvv|/addpics|

  • 3D print Smit Japan 1/87Datum17.11.2017 13:27
    Foren-Beitrag von Samelino im Thema

    Hello people,

    The next part of the Smit Japan is also available.
    It's the lower body structure of the cabin.

    I'm also starting to collect the rc parts for the model and started to drill some holes for the rudder blades and drive shafts. [img][img][/img][/img]

  • 3D print Smit Japan 1/87Datum01.08.2017 15:15
    Foren-Beitrag von Samelino im Thema

    New deck with more fine details |addpics|gjq-2-248a.jpg-invaddpicsinvv,gjq-3-2c5e.jpg-invaddpicsinvv|/addpics|

  • 3D print Smit Japan 1/87Datum01.08.2017 14:54
    Foren-Beitrag von Samelino im Thema

    I know that site too, they only don't have 1/87 and 1/100 scale models.

    Greetings Sam

  • 3D print Smit Japan 1/87Datum31.07.2017 13:51
    Foren-Beitrag von Samelino im Thema
  • 3D print Smit Japan 1/87Datum22.07.2017 14:50
    Thema von Samelino im Forum Schlepper

    One of my other projects is the Smit Japan in 1/87 scale, a 3D printed model that you can buy at Shapeways.



  • Foren-Beitrag von Samelino im Thema

    Hi Nico,

    Nice to see your work on the truck, i will keep following you and your project ;)



  • Hallo aus NiederlandeDatum22.07.2017 13:07


    Finally made a account here too
    I'm Sam Snijder 35 years old from the Netherlands.
    A few members from this forum will know me from facebook or other forums on the internet.
    I'm following this forum for a few years now and enjoying to read the reports.
    Sadly i can't write in German so i write in English.

    The first attempt to build a rc truck did not work very well but after some good advice from Oli it did and i started on the yellow Scania.
    My first working rc model is the yellow Scania torpedo from Boere transport, a Dutch container transport company.
    The next project are two Terberg terminal trucks (cnc model) with lifting coupler.

    RC Micomodellbau in 1/87 scale is not (yet) represented in the Netherlands very well so i started a page on facebook and on a forum 1,5 years ago to get it more attention in the Netherlands.
    Now 1,5 years after i started with rc micromodellbau there is a lot of interest from other people that also want a rc model.
    With a few other friends i give a workshop in the Netherlands for building a rc truck (lkw) on 30 september this year.


    Sam Snijder

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